Poise Poem

by Janice Clarfield

I am healing
i am that
moment by moment
breath by breath
Tear by tear
joy by joy
with gratitude 'til
tears of joy
the body ocean
back bone a pure whitecap of vital essence
breaking on the shores of heart surrender
I take refuge in yoga absorption
that crucible so loved
so resisted
so humbling
Standing on the ground
beckoning gravity
to drop 'til the centre of the earth
to rise 'til the centre of the universe
to find myself
between heaven and earth
betwixt front and back body
Praying for guidance
opening to receive the fullness
of inhalation
opening to give the fullness
of emptiness
of exhalation
Gathering myself to myself
to the stillness
in the midst of heart pound
and blood gush
coursing through my veins
pulsating fear to love to collapse to courage
Coming to my senses
embracing the architecture of gesture
so full
so empty
so yearning for connection
holding on to the letting go
beseeching presence
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah