Pure Joy

Pure Joy: Awakening True Nature

2 CD set:

CD #1 approx 1 hour with 4 guided meditations:
Breathing, Cultivating compassion, Energy visualization, Facing discomfort/pain

CD #2 approx 1 hour of guided gentle yoga postures

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Guided Relaxation, Breathing, Vocal Toning, Meditation and Visualization for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Enhance comfort and enjoyment while deepening your relationship with your baby.
Cultivate calm and confidence while letting go of fear.
Letting go of anxiety eases childbirth, thus reducing pain,
and the need for medical interventions and increasing the joy of giving birth.

US $22
CDN $22

"I listened to your Guided Relaxation for Pregnancy and Childbirth for the birth of my three children. I loved it. Listening to the recording transformed my nervous feelings."
Stacy, proud mother of three

Prenatal Yoga Teachers Training Study Guide for Conscious & Sacred Birthing

Comprehensive manual that addresses the physiological and emotional considerations of pregnancy with posture, breath and sound work, meditation and visualization.

Also of interest to practitioners of yoga who are pregnant.

USD $22
CDN $22

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